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Tumblr Wants You to Create More GIFs • Mirror Daily

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Tumblr wants you to create more GIFs and is launching a new tool to help you do exactly that. The new technology will allow users to create GIFs on their mobile devices by turning burst photos into the popular GIF formate. It will be available for iPhones and will come as a feature of the Tumblr app.

The new tool will be simply called “GIF Maker” and it will encourage users to make their own GIFs. Although GIFs are a lot of fun they can be painstakingly annoying to produce because of all the time creators have to spend on getting them just right. But GIF Maker might turn out to be a clever solution to shorten that process because it can easily access the iPhone’s photo library and quickly animate burst taken photos and videos into a short clip.

The GIF Maker tool also has a few features that can help users make their GIFs unique. Some of the options users will have include easy ways to crop the image they are editing, zoom in on an area they want to use, loop the footage or even make it rewind automatically after it reaches the end. Footage can also be sped up or slowed down in accordance with the user’s needs.

The app will also look for any photo or video content in the Camera Roll which might be suitable for making GIFs. Although other programs for creating GIFs have already appeared Tumblr’s take on the app could offer some easy access to useful tools for GIF making so it could win over quite a bit of support from users.

Representatives for the company explained that the rather late arrival of the GIF Maker was mostly due to the fact that, until recently, mobile devices did not have the processing power needed in order to transform videos and burst photos into GIFs. Tumblr sees a huge amount of re-blogged GIFs so it’s only natural that the company would give a mobile app tool meant to create them a chance.

And while the new tool will allow users to access their Camera Roll and use photo or video content from their personal photo libraries, GIF Maker is not limited to only those sources for new GIF material, as it can also use images downloaded from the web on the user’s personal mobile device.

Although it’s only available to iPhone users at the moment, and Android version has been announced for the near future.

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