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Tweets Might Soon Soar To A 10,000 Character Limit

The change will arrive at the end of Q1 2016

(Mirror Daily, United States) – There is a chance that tweets might soon soar to a 10,000 character limit, which could potentially change a defining feature of the social media. Be it good or bad, it seems that a change is on the horizon. And it will likely arrive sometime after the first quarter of 2016.

Twitter has hundreds of millions of users, and yet it’s deemed unpopular for a social media. In fact, the company has had a difficult time monetizing on their service. In spite of it being commonly used to converse about live events, it’s still not matching up to the monthly activity of Facebook or Snapchat. That’s why the company is certainly planning a change.

Last year, Twitter stretched out their 140 character limit for Direct Messaging. It now seems that tweets will be seeing the same fate.

There are rumors around that the social media company is working on a project called “Beyond 140”. This will stretch the 140 character limit for tweets to 10,000 characters. That’s roughly the equivalent of a 20 minutes-long speech, and, to place it into perspective, about twenty times as long as this particular article. The short and sweet messages might be gone.

The opinions on this possible modification are mixed. Perhaps it will help the service soar up into the clouds along with a few other social media services. There have been numerous users complaining about the restrictive 140 character limit. It often leads to links posted for users to get the bigger scoop, screenshots that ‘tricks’ the restriction, or, even worse, tweetstorms. The latter means an array of tweeted messages quickly posted one after the other in order to complete a proper argument or opinion.

A looser restriction could potentially help avoid those little annoyances Twitter users often report. It will offer more freedom. In fact, 10,000 characters is more than enough to rant and ramble to their heart’s desire.

However, is it truly good? Perhaps the new feature might not aid Twitter in soaring, and instead it will make it plummet more rapidly toward the ground. Some believe that the increased character limit will erase the very essence of Twitter. The 140 character limit forced creativity and accuracy, a concessive way of expressing an opinion that was well thought out. It separated Twitter from blogs or other social media services.

Its popularity is stemmed in the quick and clear messages. By loosening the belt around the character limit, all that could potentially be gone. CEO of the company, Jack Dorsey, however, has not confirmed the 10,000 character limit. He has mentioned that Twitter is definitely looking into expanding without losing its core of being brief and quick.

The company is researching ways of enhancing their services, and expanding on the character limit. In the next couple of weeks, the future restriction could be cut in half at 5,000 characters. Either way, a change is incoming.

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