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Twitter Gives Permission For Longer Messages • Mirror Daily

Starting next month, Twitter users will have the possibility to text messages containing 10,000 characters.

As of this week, Twitter has decided to make important policy changes offering its users both additional service and increased online protection. Twitter gives permission for longer messages, was the recent announcement that the spokespersons of the social network have made.

Twitter has had rough times lately mainly because users feel somewhat hindered by the 140-character limit that they have to observe when posting a new message on their personal profiles. For that matter, Twitter has decided to lift this limitation and to give permission for longer online messages.

Starting next month, Twitter customers will be able to upload messages that contain up to 10,000 characters. Until now, the maximum limit that was imposed was of 140 characters, for those of you who may not be familiar with the subject or with the regulations of the social network.

This measure is meant to facilitate communication between Twitter users and followers. Thus, the latter can use the chat service as an alternative for the well-known Facebook chat option, whom Twitter has been struggling to dethrone for a long time.

There have been other additional changes that the CEOs of the online company have enacted with the sole purpose of offering better services to their customers. The company has also recently announced that they will be implementing a new security policy to offer protection to people who might feel in one way or another harassed.

The new security policy presupposes that users can at any time report abuses that they have suffered from other Twitter users. The social network will take their complaint into consideration and will do their best to limit the other person’s access to the social network if its conduct does not observe the conduct rules of the website.

Among the other changes that the company has made are also the new options related to the groups that people can follow. Twitter offers users the possibility to manually select the persons they want to follow or not. Moreover, the group messaging option enables more users to have private conversations in groups.

This last option is very similar to the service that Facebook provides, but Twitter has, nevertheless, included several different tools. According to their official declaration, getting involved in group messages is an option that many Twitter customers can use, even those who do not belong to a specific group.
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