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Twitter Will Be Taking On The Emoji Reaction Experiment

Twitter will be making some changes.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – More updates and changes are coming, and Twitter will be taking on the emoji reaction experiment that has become familiar to users due to Facebook. It’s safe to say that the internet generally reacts badly to any change. Those responses often double when the modification is ‘less than what is found appropriate’.

Two weeks ago, Twitter made one of these changes. The social media platform saw to a change in their favorite system. The star icon that expressed a ‘favorite’ was switched to the heart icon that was referred to as ‘like’. It’s a particularly popular feature in many others, such as Instagram, Periscope, or Tumblr. However, it wasn’t so well received for Twitter.

Users had caused an uproar at the change, deeming the new system as inappropriate for certain situations. The Twitterverse is full of news or Tweets that aren’t always the most cheerful. Some might even be called controversial or against the norm, which for some might not earn a token of affection such as a ‘heart’.

However, Twitter wants to end the debates and protests by adding more options to their system. A user has been using a jailbroken version of the app, which allows him to gain insights into new development features that might not be finalized. The account @_Ninji has given an example of the new options after discovering the emojis attached to the ‘like’ button.

The new reactions include straight face, grin, sleeping, sad, anxious, crying, surprised, scared, suspicious, angry, party popper, and, more confusingly, the 100. All of these might soon become available for all users to place for chosen Tweets. It will allow for a more diverse array of reactions to various messages.

It could be interesting to add more options. There are a good number of Tweets that can be upsetting or negative in nature, so giving a ‘like’ to them might not seem like the best way to express support. The same line of thinking has likely prompted the additions earlier to Facebook. In October, the most popular social media platform in the world launched ‘Reactions’ as a way to diversify their ‘like’ system.

Now, a similar process being experimented on Twitter.

The user who first noted the changes has also stated that the feature is clearly still in development. It presented with certain glitches. After posting the new emojis, a refresh of the page would turn them back to hearts. The rollout is still incomplete, and only existent for the iOS app.

In response to questions, Twitter only replied in theme. The company answered with the monkey emoji covering its mouth. Loosely translated and simply put, ‘no comment’.

Twitter’s response

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