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Two Filmmakers Have Recreated the Solar System in Nevada Desert – Mirror Daily

The scale model of the Solar System has been praised by all science lovers.

Tired of debatable models two filmmakers have recreated the Solar System in Nevada desert. The 7-mile design is the only one that truly makes us understand how Earth relates to the other planets in the Solar System and how big or small it is compared to surrounding celestial bodies.

Wylie Overstreet and Alex Forosh probably got their inspiration from their movie production works. Accustomed to build movie sets, they have taken things a few steps further and created a scale version of our very own solar system. They justified their initiative by saying that this was the only solution they have found to help people better appreciate objects in the solar system.

The project was developed in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, where the two filmmakers had enough space to let their imagination wonder freely. The initiative was welcomed by all Internet users, who have had the opportunity to watch Overstreet and Forosh’s movie on Wednesday. The short video was shared by millions of users on many social platforms, according to recent reports.

Speaking about his scale model, Overstreet has stated that most space pictures that people see are nothing but microscopic representations of planets. While humans may understand how planets revolve around each other in theory, it may be really hard for them to apply the knowledge in practice.

The two friends have further added that the scale model was recreated on a 7-mile region in Nevada. They used a marble to represent the Earth, whereas for the Sun a 1.5 meter stone was placed at the center of the Solar System.

Chain fences were used for the reproduction of the planets’ orbit. They were etched with the help of cars, which traveled with their lights on to give a truthful impression of time lapse. Thus, viewers, could visualize the movements that the planets make as they orbit around the Sun.

All viewers have been impressed with the two filmmakers’ model. They confessed that the system has a much greater impact when on scale. It is particularly impressive to realize how small the planet is compared to the rest of the celestial bodies. The nothingness surrounding and yet, sustaining the Earth is the next thing that impresses the viewer.

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