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Two Students Taken in Custody for Planning A School Shooting • Mirror Daily

Two student from Lady Lake were planning to stage a school shooting.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Police officials from Florida declared that two teenage suspects were taken into custody for planning a school shooting. The law enforcement authorities were tipped off by some faculty members from The Villages Charter Middle School who heard rumors about two students planning to organize a mass shooting. The suspects were swiftly apprehended and firearms were discovered in their homes.

Florida law enforcement officials stated in a press interview that two students from Lady Lake were taken into custody on Thursday and charged with conspiracy to commit murder. The arrests were made after the authorities discovered that the two male students were planning on staging a mass shooting. Sumter County’s Sheriff’s Department revealed that the two suspects were inspired by the Columbine mass shooting incident.

The same institution declared that the authorities had been tipped off by several faculty members who were concerned about some rumors circulating among student. The initial investigations revealed that some of the students overheard two teenagers talking about staging a school shooting. Moreover, the investigators also uncovered that some of the students were warned to stay at home on the day of the shooting.

After receiving the tips, the law enforcement officers moved in and apprehended a 13-year-old student on the campus. During his police interview, the adolescent admitted planning a school shooting, and that he had an accomplice, a 14-year-old student.

His would-be partner in crime was arrested shortly after the teenager’s confession. The law enforcement authorities searched both of them but did not find any weapons that might be used to stage a mass shooting.

However, the authorities returned later that day to boys’ homes with a search warrant. According to Sumter County’s Sherriff’s Office, several firearms were discovered on premises, as well as detailed plans on how to commit the school shooting.

The investigation revealed that the two male adolescents were planning on committing the deed on the 27th of January, during one of their classes. The police revealed that they’ve minutely planned everything, including a system to signal the start of the shooting.

For the time being, the Florida officials increased police presence around the Villages Charter Middle School. As for the student, they are currently detained at the Department of Juvenile Justice, awaiting their trial.

Since this is an ongoing investigation, the authorities refused to reveal the boys’ names and more details about their school shooting plans.

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