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Two-year Old’s Birthday Party Turns into Bloodbath • Mirror Daily

Birthday party turns into bloodbath, after several unknown shooters open fire on crowd.

A birthday party hosted in a small town from Tennessee turned into a bloodbath after a group of shooters opened fire on Thursday evening.

Dyersburg is a small community located at approximately 80 miles from the city of Memphis. It has roughly 17,000 residents, and one can say that it’s the typical suburban settlement, where nothing exciting ever happens.

However, the little suburban community’s peace was disturbed by a bloody incident which happened on Thursday evening, at approximately 6:00 pm.

According to the local police department responded to a distress call, at 6:20 pm, from a citizen who reported gunfire sounds near a home. The caller reported that the gunfire shots were heard from the neighboring house were the owner held a birthday party for her two-year-old son.

Authorities arrived at the scene of the crime declared that a woman, who turned out to be the child’s mother, was killed and seven other persons were severely wounded.

Before the authorities arrived, Stephanie Childress, the deceased woman’s neighbor rushed to the house in order to render assistance. What she described is truly shocking. Upon arriving at her neighbor’s house, Childress declared, that she saw the woman’s son crying in the high chair, and two other wounded persons on the porch.

Before the authorities arrived, Childress started to perform life-saving maneuvers on a woman lying on the lawn. As she declared, the woman was shot in the chest, and she was grasping for breath. In order to prevent her heart to stop, Childress started to perform CPR and to apply pressure to her wound.

After arriving on the scene, the authorities sent out for a medical helicopter to pick up a 6-year old boy who was in critical condition. The other victims were taken to the local hospital, where they were treated for their wound.

Hospital representatives have yet to release a comment regarding the patients’ condition. For safety reasons, the police department placed the hospital on lockdown, and are currently combing the area for the perpetrators.

According to several police spokespersons, there may be at least three gunmen involved in the birthday party shooting. No suspects have been apprehended so far, and the authorities have been unable to determine the motive for the shooting.

We will keep you apprised should there be any developments in the Tennessee birthday party shooting case.

Image source: Wikipedia

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