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Type 1 Diabetes Might Be The Medical Care Fault • Mirror Daily

Type 1 diabetes is still an issue.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Recent research from the University of Adelaide supports the idea that type 1 diabetes might be the medical care fault as it has developed rapidly helping this disease indirectly to pass from generation to generation.

This development of medical care has increased the human life expectancy leaving no room for the so-called “natural selection.” Scientists claim that until the beginning of the 20th century, type 1 diabetes was almost impossible to cure. When people got sick they usually died before their 30s. This lead to the idea that it was harder for sick people to have children meaning that the chances of passing the genetical material to the next generation were quite low.

In the following years, since 1920, insulin was widely spread over the world, leading to an increase up to 69 years of life expectancy in type 1 diabetes cases. The lead author of the research, Wenpeng You, agrees that it was a formidable breakthrough but according to him, the type 1 diabetes can rapidly spread among the world population as its genetic material is nowadays passed easier from a generation to another. But it is too early to assume if type 1 diabetes might be the medical care fault.

Still, compared to the Western countries, where type 1 diabetes took its toll, in countries like Africa, where it is harder to have access to insulin, people die at early ages and on a faster rate, thus having a low chance to have children.

The study does not refer to other types of diabetes but only to type 1. Furthermore, it is not the case here for a controversy. Mr. You clearly expressed his recognition of the welfare that the use of insulin brought. If asked, sick people would surely agree that it is better to live with type 1 diabetes, rather than die young.

According to Professor Maciej Henneberg, type 1 diabetes is the first malady that spreads over the world due to the increase in life expectancy. He claims that a good solution in the future might be to find a way to treat the genes with the help of a special therapy.

In conclusion, wether the type 1 diabetes might be the medical care fault or not does not matter, what matters is that medical care is up to find a better solution to treat and maybe even cure it in the future.

Image Source:Pixabay

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