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U.S. Troops Kill Major ISIL Commander During a Raid in Syria • Mirror Daily

For over four years now, Syria has been a land of terror for its citizens. The Syrian civil war is a horrifying status quo for the inhabitants and the major cause of emigration and for a large number of Syrian refugees who have spread all over the world, in the hope of escaping the terrible situation that they are in and finding a better life. In addition to that, the Syrians have to face another factor of terror. The self proclaimed caliphate in the area, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant are a jihadist group whose fighters bring terror in their way. The Islamic State is the public enemy no. 1 in the area and that is why having the U.S. troops kill major ISIL commander during a raid which took place in Syria is breaking news.

The announcement of the kill by the U.S. troops has been made public on Saturday, by the Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter. In the raid by the U.S. military a senior leader of the Islamic State has been killed and his wife captured, according to Carter.

Abu Sayyaf, who was also known by the name of Mohammed Shalabi has been killed recently, after he engaged forces of the United States.

Ash Carter has added that none of the U.S. troops have been killed or harmed during the raid.

The Secretary of Defense has affirmed that Abu Sayyaf was a major figure in the administration of the Islamic State. For instance, Sayyaf was directly involved in the military operations performed by the jihadist group. In addition to that, he was responsible for the illegal commerce of the Islamic State, mostly in the oil and gas sales. He had financial prerogatives as well.

The White House has also commented on the matter. According to a statement that they have recently released, the illegal oil commerce by the Islamic State represents one of the most important sources of revenue for the terrorist group, which allows them to continue their reign of terror wherever they go.

The Secretary of Defense has also commented about the wife of Sayyaf, who has been captured. Carter has stated that she is thought to have been involved in the actions of the Islamic State and may have been a member of the terrorist group. According to Carter, she may have complicit in the enslavement of a Yazidi woman. The Yazidi woman has been rescued last night.

Image Source: The Telegraph

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