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Uber Cars Will Deliver Smartphones • Mirror Daily

In the very near future Uber cars will deliver smartphones. The service is still pretty popular in spite of the fact that in Ireland the king of the taxi apps is Hailo. But Uber is more popular as the service includes more options.

The new smartphone from Xiaomi, which is going to be launched on July 28, is believed to be a great deal and it is all over the news right now. The new mobile phone from Xiaomi is a phablet that features a 5.7 inch screen and was designed to offer some very high specs. It comes with Gorilla Glass and a pretty powerful 13 megapixel camera. The people who will want to be one of the first ones to get their hands on the new mobile phone, Uber will deliver it right to your home.

However, this cool offer is available only for people who live in Malaysia and Singapore. For the people who live outside those two areas and who wish to get the smartphone, they will have the option to pay for Xiaomi’s new mobile phone with their credit card. After the payment is made, a special vehicle will be dispatched by the company to deliver the mobile phone on July 27. This is a day earlier than the official release. To be completely fair, this is quite an amazing offer. And in case that you’re wondering about the overall security of the transport, people who order the mobile phone will have the possibility to track the car’s progress on their usual smartphones. This will make older mobile phones useful for a little bit more as you can record the progress and brag about it on your favorite social network.

While this is probably just a marketing scheme, it will undoubtedly generate a lot of good attention towards Uber and its partnership with Xiaomi. This is particularly true in light of the fact that mobile phones created by Xiaomi see an increasing popularity. The Uber service has faced some rough times in the last couple of months, as a number of cities had to ban the use of the popular taxi service. But for those people in Ireland who rely on Hailo to get things done, it is highly unlikely that their new mobile phones will be delivered this way any time soon.

Another reason why Uber cars will deliver smartphones might be that the service wants to enter the market in China as well and they chose to partner up with a popular local technology company.

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