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Uber Driver Saves Girls from Becoming a Sex Slave • Mirror Daily

An Uber driver managed to prevent a 16-years old girl from being sold as a sex slave.

An Uber Driver from Elk Grove, California became somewhat of a hero when he saved a 16-years old girl from being sold out as a sexual slave. When the police arrived to take the suspects into custody and to save the girl, the Uber driver recorded the events using his phone and posted the clip on a social media channel.

Keith Avila is an Uber driver working in the city of Elk Grove, California. During one of his shifts, the man picked up a girl and two women. The passengers told the driver to drop them at the hotel in Elk Drive.

During the trip, Avila noticed something peculiar about his three passengers. The girl who was traveling with the women, later identified as being Maria Westly (31) and Destiny Pettway (25), was wearing a very short and revealing skirt.

Furthermore, Avila told the police officer that, for the duration of the trip, the two women overtly talked about how they are going to sell the young girl as a sexual slave to a person whom they called ‘John.’ The Uber driver also noticed that the two women offered sex tips to the 16-years old girl, and told her that once the client arrives, she should check him for any concealed weapons.

Of course, the man could not do anything for the girl at that moment, as any action would arouse the women’s suspicion. Avila said that he dropped off the three passengers at the indicated hotel, drew out his phone, and informed the police about the suspects.

In a couple of minutes, several police officers rushed into the building to arrest the women and the girl’s potential client. Unfortunately, the officers arrived too late to prevent the man, identified as Disney Vang, from sleeping with the 16-years old girl.

Vang and the two women were taken into custody, and the magistrates posted a $500,000 bond for each suspect. The man was also charged with engaging in sexual relations with a minor. As for the 16-years girl, the authorities placed her in protective custody.

Further investigations revealed that the girl was a runaway and that she was forced by the two women to engage in sexual relations with older men. Avila’s actions were praised by the town’s police department, which declared that the man could have collected his fare, turn his head away, leave, and forget about the little girl.

Image source: Flickr

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