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Uber Gets Sued for Using God View to Spy on Passengers • Mirror Daily

Uber’ formed chief investigator accuses the company of allowing its employees to spy on celebrities, politicians, and spouses using the mobile app .

It would seem that Uber has recently come under fire after an ex-employee filed a lawsuit against the company. The former employee accuses the company of allowing its employees to spy on celebrities, ex-girlfriends/boyfriends, spouses, and high-profile celebrities using the mobile application’s God View.

After Uber passed down the passenger rulebook in which it penned down the actions that may revoke riding privileges, it looks like the company has some explaining to do.

The lawsuit filed against the company was initiated by Uber’s former investigator, Ward Spangenberg. Recently fired from the company, the man declared that Uber’s decision of sacking him was unjustified, and sought justice in court.

The man also accuses the company of spying on various passengers using the mobile application’s God Mode – sort of tracker which allows the user to see where a person was in the last week.

Spangenberg declared that Uber deliberately turned its view away from its employees who used the application to their benefit. The man added that some of his former colleagues would use the God View feature to retrace the steps of celebrities such as Beyoncé, high-profile politicians, and countless other people.

Furthermore, according to Spangenberg’s testimony, some of Uber’s employee would abuse this app feature in order to spy on their girlfriends or to discover their spouses’ whereabouts.

Of course, the company denied all allegations presented by Spangenberg’s lawyer saying that his information is either outdated or it comes from unreliable sources.

However, there is indeed a precedent. If you recall, the company came under fire in 2014, after several Uber clients declared that some of its employees are using the so-called God View in order to spy on people.

Uber ‘took care’ of the problem saying that it has restricted the employees’ access to the feature. It also changed the name of the feature from God View to Heaven View to make it sound less stalkerish (same thing, different name).

Spangenberg declared that even though Uber said it has closely monitored all uses of the Heaven View features since the 2014 scandal, employees still use it to the benefit. He concluded his testimony by saying that ‘ if you know what to do, then no one will find out.’

We will keep you apprised should there be any developments in this case.

Image source: Flickr

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