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Uber Introduces the Trip Experiences Entertainment Service

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(Mirror Daily, United States) – Uber management has been under a lot of stress lately. With their practice banned in two countries, and multiple competitors partnering up to take them out, the company has to do something quick in order to stay ahead. So, Uber introduces the Trip Experiences entertainment service.

In December, as the company reached their one billionth customer, Uber decided to do something in order to stay ahead, as product placement in shows like Netflix’s very well made Master of None didn’t do too much to promote them.

With multiple parties attempting to take them down, including taxi services, rival groups formed of several of their competitors, as well the Indian and Chinese governments, the company had to think of something to do fast, before they were dethroned as the number one ride hailing company.

What they decided was that since customers spend so much time in their drivers’ vehicles, they should do something to help them pass the time. This is how they came up with Trip Experiences.

Trip Experiences is a feature that allows third party app developers to deliver content to the passengers’ devices, be that content music, videos, news, reviews, or whatever the client wishes. Of course, the catch is that it’s going to be full of ads.

However, in a very considerate, but also cautious and in a way self-serving move, the feature won’t be available unless the passengers agree to it.

Of course, you can see how it could potentially be devastating for the company if the service becomes mandatory, as riders would be much more hesitant to hail rides with Uber if they knew that advertisers would jump on them as soon as they got in the car.

So, in a move that serves both them and their passengers, Uber made the feature optional; however, the options it offers are quite tempting, at least some of them.

Uber passengers that chose to activate their Trip Experiences feature will be able to get playlists lasting exactly the duration of their trip, reviews for the places where they are going, news updates, and even reminders to turn on the heat before you get home, if you can do such a thing.

The company has also experienced with other features in order to be more appealing to their customers, and even tied partnerships with the likes of United Airline, Facebook, and StubHub. They even tried food delivery at some point.

Image source: FranceBleu

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