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Ultimate Ears' Boom 2 Turns Up the Volume • Mirror Daily

Boom 2 is not only louder, but it is also much more resistant.

Continuing the tradition they started with their first Bluetooth speaker, Ultimate Ears’ Boom 2 turns up the volume and adds many more attractive features to their prototype. Boom 2 is not only capable of delivering better audio quality, but it is also water and dust resistant, the company has stated.

Ultimate Ears’ Boom 2 follows in the footsteps of its predecessor in that it aims to provide better services. It is definitely not an invention as Bluetooth speakers have been seen before, but it is, nonetheless, one of the toughest models there is right now.

According to developers, the Bluetooth speaker has the same 360 degree shape we have gotten used to. It is 25% louder because previous customers have complaint that the sound emitted by the speakers can sometimes be hindered by outdoor noise. Boom 2 is the perfect outdoor companion because music won’t feature any distortions when played louder.

In case one pair of Boom 2 speakers is not enough, you can access the “Double Up” feature, which allows users to connect two Ultimate Ears speakers for increased volume. Thanks to this new option, users won’t have to fear that they won’t have anything else left to do with the older Boom speakers.

The app is compatible with iOS and Android devices and lets users perform many other activities. Speakers may be remotely controlled and various alarms may be set.

There are few innovations that can be made when it comes to speakers and developers know this. Ultimate Ears has, therefore, decided to improve the available functions as much as possible and offer unprecedented abilities. Their 50-foot range was for this reason expanded to 100-foot range, giving users increased mobility.

Speakers that are used in the outdoor don’t have to be just loud; they also have to have a rough design that can resist all possible incidents. Ultimate Ears has proofed the design of Boom 2 to make it even more water and dust resistant. Thanks to these improvements, the Bluetooth speakers can last even when submerged in waters of 3-feet for 30 minutes.

Whether you plan to take it with you in mountain trips or at the seaside, Boom 2 will be your most reliable companion. The model, which comes in six gaudy shades will be available for sale in September in exchange for $199.99.

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