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The console will also feature a blue-gray controller and an additional $99.99 matching headphone set.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – The eager fans of the Uncharted game series will be rewarded by PlayStation with a brand new console that features the blue-gray game colors and the image of the main character. The $400 Uncharted 4 bundle will be available in April in the United States. Pre-orders are already being given.

The retail price of the PlayStation Bundle will be of $499.99 in Canada and $399.99 in the United States. The bundle will be available in April in both countries.

The bundle contains a Limited Edition blue-gray 500GB PlayStation 4 with a featured image of Nathan Drake drawn on the cover of the device in a dark gray shade. The bundle also comes with blue-gray DualShock 4 controller and a Blu-ray copy of the game.

But the surprises are not yet finished. The console will also feature the Uncharted and PlayStation logos written in gold.

For those of you who will pre-order the Uncharted 4 bundle, there will also be included a voucher that will unlock the outfit of Drake’s Fortune from the Drake’s Fortune Uncharted along with additional Uncharted points that can be used in the Multiplayer Mode.

For the Uncharted fans that already have a perfectly good console at home and do not want to spend $400 on an additional one, PlayStation will make available the DualShock 4 blue-gray controller. The good news is that the players that only want the $64.99 controller will only have to wait until March to purchase it.

There will be an extra offer for those fans who live and breathe Uncharted. PlayStation is also including a special $99.99 treat. The only thing that would make this bundle would be a personalized set of headsets. And that is what PlayStation is offering. The company also sells a blue-gray Wireless Headset-Gold that will feature a custom audio mode for Uncharted 4 that will be tuned into the app Headset Companion available on the PlayStation Store.

PlayStation is really going all the way with its new customized console, controller and headphones set. Players are hoping that the fourth installment of the Uncharted video game will be as good as all the trinkets that PlayStation is offering even before its release.

From the looks of the trailer, it seems like it’s going to be as good as all the others, maybe even better when played on the Uncharted 4 limited edition blue-gray console with matching controller and headphones.

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