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Undie Runners Faced the Cold in the Name of Neurofibromatosis • Mirror Daily

1,200 people let go of their clothes and inhibitions and ran half of mile in the name of charity.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Approximately 1,200 undie runners faced the cold in the name of neurofibromatosis yesterday in downtown Detroit. The participants in the Cupid’s Run managed to raise $300,000 for the research against the terrible disease.

The participants in the Cupid’s Run wore mittens, socks, hats, underwear and an occasional tutu, tie or shirt. There was actually some people that preferred the warmth of a superhero cloak, and there was a man who actually wore a crown from Burger King and a red robe. These brave men and women faced the 0 degrees without as much as a twitch because they knew they were doing it for the right cause.

The Cupid’s Run is already a yearly tradition in Detroit. The run is only a half-mile long and it is organized in downtown Detroit so people have the possibility of walking into a dinner and enjoy a hot cup of coffee when the run is over because that’s when the adrenaline starts fading off and the cold starts to set in.

Emily Henson, a rugby player was all in for the run, even though she was expecting the temperature to be a bit above freezing. But she went through the cold and ran in the name of neurofibromatosis research along 1,200 other people. They were also helped by the fact that the run took place after a warm-up party at the Fillmore.

Apart from some nausea, the event was free of any incidents. The participants managed to withstand the cold bravely, some of them actually diving into the snow at the end of the run. The undie runners faced the cold in the name of neurofibromatosis.

The event was created in 2013 and it has become increasingly popular ever since. Each year the organizers manage to raise considerable amounts of money in order to sponsor the fight against neurofibromatosis.

The terrible disease is actually a genetic condition that causes abnormal growths on the nerve level. People who suffer from neurofibromatosis have a genetic predisposition to the development of tumors. The growths can appear on any nerve of the body, and they sometimes can form clusters on the affected nerve.

According to the National Health Institute, neurofibromatosis can cause blindness, pain, learning disabilities and convulsions. And the disease is not that rare. Neurofibromatosis affects one in every 3,000 individual worldwide.

Undie runners faced the cold in the name of neurofibromatosis and they managed to raise 300,000, with more donations on the way.

If you want to donate to the cause just click here.

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