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Universal Studios and Nintendo Will Bring Nintendoland by 2020 • Mirror Daily

Fans can oly guess what the main theme of the park will be. Some hope Mario, some Pokemon.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Ever dreamt about a Disneyland, but with a Super Mario theme? Instead of Cinderella, you would be greeted by Princess Peach, and Mickey Mouse would be an Italian plumber that is happy to welcome you to a land of green pipes and carnivorous flowers. Well, it may be that your dream will come true in a couple of years as Universal Studios and Nintendo will bring Nintendoland by 2020.

There were rumors of a collaboration between Universal Studios and Nintendo for almost a year now. But nobody knew what to expect, what they were planning and how grand the final project will be.

Now the news that Universal Studios and Nintendo will bring Nintendoland by 2020 is on the lips and social media status updates of every fan of the Japanese world on the planet.

The two companies have not released any additional information regarding the theme park that they will construct. All that the Nintendo enthusiasts can do at the moment is pretty much guess what the central idea, the rides and all other facilities will look like.

But it’s kind of a sure bet to go with Mario as the central character of the park. Sort of like Mickey Mouse is in Disneyland or Harry Potter in Wizarding World, or even the Lego Man in Lego Land.

Mario is by far the most popular Nintendo figure, so if you were hoping for Link, Ash, Donkey Kong or Kirby, try to lower your expectations.

Seeing as the total budget amount to $351 million, it may be that Nintendo will afford to create at least two or three different themed areas.

Super Mario may be the highest grossing game that Nintendo created, but Pokémon has a lot of fans, and a significant advantage over the Italian plumber, Ash Ketchum being the star of a lengthy anime series.

But in the end, it doesn’t really matter what character will feature on the tickets or most of the souvenirs. What is important is that Universal Studios and Nintendo will bring Nintendoland by 2020, and they already declared that the theme park will feature the most famous characters that the gaming company created over the years.

So no matter if you’re a Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, Zelda, Bowser, Link, Bulbasaur, Charizard, Luigi fan. There will most likely be a life-sized character strolling around the park, waiting to offer hugs and maybe throw a plastic fireball at you.

Image source: YouTube

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