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US Will Boost Support of Iraqi Forces Fighting ISIL, Obama Says • Mirror Daily

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant has recently achieved some important victories and the territories that they have control upon in both Iraq and Syria seem to get further away from the original status quo of administration in both countries on a daily basis. Recent reports have shown that the propaganda of the terrorist organization ISIL, which proudly claims that it has become a caliphate, is starting to convince people of the legitimacy of the Islamic State, so the threat to the international community of having to deal with a well equipped and extremely well funded jihadist group is getting bigger. On such background, a statement from the President of the United States has appeared. Barrack Obama has recently said that the US will boost support of Iraqi forces fighting ISIL, as the extremists are getting stronger day by day.

“We don’t have, yet, a complete strategy, because it requires commitments on the part of Iraqis as well,”

President Obama has said in a statement, during a conference within the G7 summit which takes place these days in Germany. Obama added that the details of a well established strategy of fighting the Islamic State have not been worked out yet, still a change in the way the United States participate indirectly in the conflict is needed.

Obama has also emphasized that the Islamic State is like no other terrorist organization that the world has ever seen by now. Its fighters are simply irrational when in comes to accomplishing a mission, they are opportunistic and extremely aggressive, Barack Obama has said.

From the point of view of the President of the United States, it looks like the best thing that the American government can do in order to back up the fighting against the Islamic State is to support and boos the training of the Iraqi forces who battle the Sunni militants of ISIL, or Daesh as they are known in Arabic.

Obama has added that the United States have made some progress when it comes to this subject, still, he reckons that the training of the Iraqis is not moving as fast as it is needed.

President Obama has also spoken about Turkey`s approach on this very delicate matter. Obama thinks that Turkey is not doing everything they could in order to monitor the border with Syria, through which a considerable steam of foreign fighters are travelling in order to join the Islamic State.

Image Source: NY Times

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