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Utah Man Claims he has Proof that Bigfoot is Real • Mirror Daily

A man from Utah believes he has found the head of the legendary creature.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Todd May, a hiker from Utah, said he has irrefutable evidence that Bigfoot is real. During a 2013 hiking trip near Ogden, he reportedly stumbled upon an odd-looking oval object that resembles the head of the mythological creature.

While an expert thinks that the 75-pound object is definitely a rock, that hasn’t stopped May from touring the country to show the evidence to people willing to listen. Bigfoot or the Sasquatch is a legendary ape-like monster that roams free in the Northwestern U.S. wooded areas, according to local folklore.

Several Bigfoot fans claim that they captured the legendary animal on tape, with Roger Patterson’s 1967 footage being the most famous. But there has never been rock-solid evidence that the creature exists. Until now, or so Mr. May claims.

May said that he had been a Bigfoot enthusiast since he was a small child. The man reports two sightings of the legendary creature he has witnessed himself. He recalls that one of the creatures ran off as soon as it detected the man’s presence.

The other creature, which had a reddish fur, was more daring and gazed at May for several moments before it walked off.

Ever since, May has been combing the Ogden Canyon to find more creatures. Plus, he met people who are convinced that they also saw a live Sasquatch.

May is not discouraged by his critics and continues to strongly believe that the object he found is a Bigfoot skull. He noted that his critics are either “haters” or Bigfoot fans that don’t like him for having found the evidence before they did.

But his detractors come also from academic circles. For instance, Prof. Jesse Carlucci from the Midwestern State University, claims he has seen the object. The professor added that it is nothing more than a weird looking rock.

The cracks that resemble the eyes and the mouth of the creature are caused by continuous exposure to the chemical elements in rainwater, Carlucci explained. Genuine fossilized skulls, however, are not that hard. They have a different texture and they are softer and more flexible when touched.

But despite criticism, the legend of Bigfoot lives in the hearts of its fans. You can check out all the reported sightings of the creature in a sightings database run by volunteers at

According to the list Washington, California and Florida have the largest number of reported sightings in the nation with 620, 432, and 307 reports respectively.

Image Source: YouTube

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