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veterinarians recommend you brush your pet's teeth •

Humans are not the only ones that suffer from teeth problems like cavities or toothaches.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – We complain about cavities, and toothaches, but we often forget that our pet’s teeth are important, too. The veterinarians hope to raise awareness on the dental problems of pets and convince people that the regular dentist appointments are meant for all of the family members.

February is the shortest month of the year but it is also, apparently, the busiest. This month people have been celebrating love, raising awareness on cardiovascular issues, colon cancer, children’s oral health and eating disorders.

But these are all people problems, and a family is usually made up out of more than just the humans in it. This February was also dedicated to raising awareness on the oral health of Spot and Princess Meow, because our pet’s teeth are important, too.

Veterinarians are trying to show to pet owners that effective oral health treatments can be easily performed at home. According to the doctors, pets are masters of hiding pain, especially tooth pain which in the wild can be considered a great weakness.

Cavities or tooth-level infections could cause serious damage to the long-term general health of our pets. Just like in the case of humans, an untreated cavity can lead to an infection that could spread throughout the entire body of the pet causing extensive damage.

A regular, doctor’s office visit oral health examination has two major steps. The first part of the procedure requires testing the bite of the animal and checking to see if it presents any signs of distress when chewing or biting.

After that, the animal will be put under anesthesia. One doctor will monitor his vital signs and make sure everything goes well while another performs the actual evaluation and cleaning of the animal’s teeth. The doctor in question will examine the entire area of the pet’s oral cavity and make a complete chart of its teeth.

During these routine checkups, the doctors often found small tumors that are removed or biopsied immediately. The gums are also examined individually for any sign of periodontal disorders. After the examination is complete, the teeth are then polished in order to make them more resistant to calculus accumulation and staining.

If the doctors find serious problems, additional treatments and X-Rays may be needed.

The pet is discharged only after it fully awakens from the anesthesia and the owner receives a complete set of instructions on how to maintain the oral health of the pet at home.

Our pet’s teeth are important, too. That is why we should take them to regular check-ups.

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