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Vets Remove Metal Rod Protruding Terrier Puppy’s Skull • Mirror Daily

A team of vets managed to remove a 5-inch metal rod lodged inside a terrier puppy’s head.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – A team of vets from the University Veterinary Specialists managed to remove a 5-inch metal rod lodged inside a terrier puppy’s head. The surgery lasted for about one hour, and the 10-week-old terrier puppy is making a swift recovery.

The vets declared that the thick metal rod went straight through the puppy’s right eye, went through his left eye socket, and got stuck in his brain. At this point, it’s still unclear whether this was an unfortunate backyard accident or if someone deliberately drove the metal rod through the puppy’s eye.

The vets working at the University Veterinary Specialists from Pittsburgh performed a one-hour-long operation on a terrier puppy who had a metal rod stuck in its brain. According to some of the doctors who performed surgery on the 10-week-old puppy, the dog was brought in a critical but stable condition on Friday afternoon.

He was rescued by the members of a Humane Society after someone reported seeing the dog abandoned in a backyard situated in the Bentleyville area. The team who operated on the terrier puppy spent the whole day performing MRI scans, creating 3D models of the injured skull, and planning all the aspects of the surgery.

The vets from UVS declared that they had to consult with other vets in order to ensure that the surgery goes according to plan, and may technicians and assistants volunteered for extra shifts just to help the dog in distress.

And so, on Saturday evening, the dog was put under and brought to the operating room. After an hour of delicate surgery, the doctors were able to remove the 5-inch-thick metal rod from the puppy’s skull. The team declared that it took quite a lot of force for the metal rod to get stuck in the puppy’s head, all the more reason to assume that this was not an accident.

The vets said that the metal rod entered through the puppy’s right eye went past its other eye’s socket, and got stuck in his brain. Hours after completing the surgery, the puppy got up and started to eat like there’s no tomorrow.

The team said that his increased appetite is an excellent sign, and they expect him to make a full recovery. As for his eyesight, the doctors believe that he will be able to see with his left eye. However, it’s still unclear whether the injured eye will function or not.

Image Source: PublicDomainPictures

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