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Violent Games Trigger Aggressive Behavior • Mirror Daily

New study focuses on the influence of violent video games on children and young adults.

A recent research concerning children’s computer games has proven that violent games trigger aggressive behavior. The new study has seen the review of 300 experiments that have been conducted from 2005 to 2013 in relation to the matter leading scientists into stating that children tend to become more aggressive depending on the games they play.

Mark Appelbaum, the leader of the research study from the American Psychological Association thinks experts did not pay enough attention to this matter. He believes many more studies have to be carry out to clearly prove that violent video games can really influences children and teenagers to evince a more aggressive behavior.

This conclusion has been reached after Appelbaum has analyzed all the researches and materials that have been gathered in the past two decades. He has further stated that there is indeed a significant link between the increased lack of empathy of the players and the games they play. The author of the study thinks players are not influenced by a single factor to behave the way they do, but rather by multiple circumstances.

Scientists have identified the future patterns that researchers will have to follow in order to determine whether violent video games can alter a person’s behavior. In their opinion, the future studies will have to focus on the players’ response to video games based on their gender. So far, this issue has not been tackled at all, according to Applebaum.

In addition, the literature could be complemented by studies related to the effects of these games on children that are younger than 10 years old. In spite of the large number of researches, Applebaum thinks the database could be enriched with new studies related to the long-term influence that violent games have on the development of a child.

Based on the recent findings they have made, the American Psychological Association has concluded that stricter parental control rules should be adopted. Moreover, the games should feature a better rating system, so parents would know whether a game is good for their child or not.

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