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Virtual Reality will Change Life as We Know It

VR is going to be the key technology in many areas of expertise

(Mirror Daily, United States) – The latest news in technology is all about VR headsets and it looks like starting next year virtual reality will change life as we know it.

We all know technology is rapidly advancing and we tend to be less impressed by what’s new as we sort of expect incredible things to happen. Cars don’t need drivers anymore, you can send money via text messages and artificial intelligence is getting closer to how humans think. However, according to tech science, virtual reality is what will really make a difference and revolutionize the way things work in fields like medicine, architecture or the military.

The VR business is so flourishing that after Samsung launched its Gear VR last month, we’re expecting other VR launches next year from Facebook, HTC and Sony. Besides, there’s also the Google Cardboard which is more rudimentary, but still offers the user a sense of the virtual reality experience.

A group of engineers is hoping to take VR to a whole other level by developing a system which will allow you to take 3D videos with your phone. Later, when you feel like reliving memories, you will use a virtual reality headset to travel back in time. If nowadays we still get emotional looking at old pictures, imagine the feeling a ‘live-action’ memory would give us.

The engineers called the system Teleport and although they hoped to make it cheap, manufacturing the hardware is quite costly. The team hopes to raise money for their project through Indiegogo. Their goal is to make this VR system affordable for everyone that has a smartphone.

Getting back to the more practical uses of virtual reality, tech scientists hope that in the near future this technology will be used in healthcare for patients, in architecture for designer or in the military for submariners.

For example, in medicine, VR headsets can help patients with PTSDs by helping them relive their traumatic experiences, confront them and get over the trauma faster. In architecture, specialists use 3D printers and VR headsets for hyper-realistic walkthroughs so they can actually design using virtual reality. The military is investing in VR technologies in order to develop simulators that will help soldiers get a better training.

In conclusion, in just a few years, we will be able to use virtual reality in many areas of expertise as VR headsets will go from being only a gamer’s entertainment to a very useful scientific device, or at least one that allows us to re-experience memories.

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