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VoLTE Calls Are Currently Being Tested By Google's Project Fi • Mirror Daily

Google’s Project Fi is looking to improve. As such, it is testing out a new VoLTE calls support.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Google’s Project Fi is looking to improve its services. As such, it is currently testing out a new VoLTE calls support. Presently, this involves only a handful of subscribers. But it could come to be generally released.

Project Fi is a Google-owned mobile virtual network operator or MVNO. It provides data and wireless phone services. It does so by using Wi-Fi as well as cellular networks from T-Mobile, Sprint, and U.S. Cellular.

Google has been working in this area. And their efforts were characterized as an attempt at unifying the world’s wireless networks. Nonetheless, Project Fi is still missing some key elements.

For example, it lacks a proper VoLTE calls support. Which is quite uncommon as most other service carriers already offer it. But Google is currently testing out a new such support. Which should come as no surprise as Google is routinely rolling out tests and improvements.

Project Fi announced this latest test last week. On February 17, it released a statement on its official blog. In this post, Google announced that it has been carrying out some small-scale tests.

Through them, the giant company is trying to improve its VoLTE support. VoLTE is the Voice over LTE network connection. This small-scale test includes only a handful of its Project Fi wireless service subscribers.

VoLTE calls should come with a quality and speed improvement. Users that have activated VoLTE can gain access to a number of features. More exactly, their phone call will use a 4G LTE connection. Hence the quality and speed improvement.

They should also benefit from faster and better data connections. These will be used for mapping apps as well as other data-consuming services.

Alena, the Project Fi and VoLTE Community Manager offered some details. According to the blog post, users are and will be able to tell when they are making a VoLTE call. They will be able to do so by following their signal indicator.

Usually, this would fall to an ‘H’ for HSPA when making a call. Instead, now it will continue to show the ‘LTE’. And this will remain the same both in making and receiving a call. VoLTE also ensures a faster call setup.

Project Fi currently works on a limited number of service providers. And out of them, only T-Mobile is currently able to support VoLTE calls and services. Verizon and AT&T are also offering VoLTE, but they are not part of the project.

For the moment, Project Fi VoLTE calls will only be available to the testing subscribers. And if you are in an area where you will be using the T-Mobile network. It remains to be seen if the VoLTE support will become generally available to all the users.

Project Fi was first introduced back in 2015. The Pixel and Pixel XL, as well as the Nexus 6P and 5X,  are amongst the phones that can work with it. Fi, as a service, comes at a $20 cost per month. Every chose gigabyte of data will come at $10 per month.

According to the blog post, Project Fi will keep offering details on the VoLTE calls support as the pilot testing will progress.

Image  Source: Pexels

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