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Volvo App to Replace Traditional Car Convenience Services • Mirror Daily

The Volvo app will revolutionize the way we use car services.

Thanks to Volvo’s recently released mobile application, traditional car services like filling up the tank, car cleaning, and maintenance will become absolute.

Tired of having to get out of the comfort of your own home to fill up the gas tank or to wash the mud away from your car? Then let Volvo’s partners to it for you.

Named the Concierge Services application, Volvo’s innovative application is bound to change the way you look upon car services. At a press of a button, one of Volvo’s partners will resupply your vehicle with gas on site, another one will polish it, and another on will take a look under the hood.

Sounds like a regular pit stop, doesn’t it? It’s not only a car owner’s wildest dream but another palpable attempt of improving the quality of existing services.

So, how does it work? Well, unfortunately, we have to start with some bad news. First of all, the program is only in the pilot stage. Second, you have to live in San Francisco Bay area in order to enroll in the program. Third, you need to own an XC90 SUV or an S90 sedan (why not both?). Finally, you will need to be among the 300 Volvo owners who receives an invitation from the famous Sweden-based car maker.

If you meet all of the above-mentioned requirements, you will be able to download the Volvo app and enroll in the program. The mobile application is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. Subsequently, your authorized service providers will receive a limited-use digital key, which is time and location locked.

With this key, they will be able to perform various convenience services. When the key expires, they will be unable to access your vehicle.

So, what to do from here? Consider for a moment that you want to go on vacation, but you don’t want to travel by car. If you leave the vehicle at home, someone still has to fill up the tank, wash it, and take care of it.

But with the Volvo app, you can be sure that someone will look after your car once you leave the house. Another good example of how useful can the Volvo app be is filling up the gas tank on a rainy day.

Instead of sitting there in the rain waiting for the pump, you can ask a representative to fill up the tank right in front of your house.

In the event the program is successful, Volvo’s American President added, it will become a permanent part of their pallet of services.

Image source: Wikipedia

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