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Watchdog Accuses Syria Of Using Chemical Weapons on Rebel Town Sunday • Mirror Daily

(Mirror Daily, United States) – According to an Amnesty International report, Syria has just displayed “utter contempt” of the laws that bar the use of chemical weapons on non-military targets.

The international watchdog accuses the warn-torn nation of carrying out another chemical attack, on the town Saraqib, over the weekend.

The accusations come only one day after the member states of the U.N. Security Council were unable to pass a U.S.-backed proposal which would have condemned the use of chemical weaponry on civilian targets in Syria. Some diplomats claim Russia’s efforts hindered the negotiations.

Amnesty International told the media that they have testimony from people present in Saraqib when the attack occurred. The witnesses claim that the Assad regime deployed chemical weapons on their location.

Amnesty’s Lynn Malouf noted that, once more, the Middle Eastern nation “has shown its utter contempt for international law” by using the internationally banned weapons. In the meantime, Assad opponents claim that the regime deployed another chemical attack Tuesday in the town of Afrin.

Around 20 people were harmed in that attack. Assad forces reportedly used banned chlorine gas there, as well. The news was now independently confirmed before the time of the publication.

Opposition Groups Accuse Russia of Backing Assad Forces

Assad opponents also accuse Russia of ramping up its bombing in the area in the last week. Russian forces reportedly helped the Syrian militia to clear the way to deploy the chemical weapons on specific targets.

Wasim Al-Khatib who heads an office for documentation and media in the region told Fox News that Russia war planes were “going specifically” after non-military targets like marketplaces and civilians in East Ghouta.

Al-Khatib also said that he witnessed first0hand locally-made missiles being deployed over Douma and its civilians in the Damascus area.

The fear is difficult to comprehend. Women and children are running in chaos,

Al-Khatib said.
Image Source: Wikimedia

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