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We're Getting A Rare Full Moon For Christmas

The Cold Moon will grace the night sky on Christmas

(Mirror Daily, United States) – NASA stated that we’re getting a rare full moon for Christmas, so be ready to tilt your eyes toward the sky and admire an event that hasn’t happened in the last four decades. Some say there’s always magic in the air on Christmas, that the world gets quieter and more peaceful. For those who believe it, it’s about to get a bit more special.

On December 25th, at 3:11 A.M. Pacific Time, the full moon will grace the darkened sky on Christmas Day. According to John Keller, from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, this is an “added gift for the holidays”. It’s an event that will have its beauty surpassed only by its rarity. The last time we got a full moon on Christmas was in 1977.

That means that this will be the first time in almost 40 years that we will be getting a full look at Earth’s natural satellite. The phenomenon has been called a “Cold Moon” in folklore, because it happens in the beginning of winter in the northern hemisphere. It will be a rare event that we will not be seeing again until December, 2034. As stated by NASA’s website, it’s a long time to wait, so turn your eyes to the skies on Christmas.

It will be a gorgeous sight on itself. However, it’s recommended to use a telescope to fully appreciate the lunar valleys and hills that will be especially visible tonight. It’s also important to take in the Christmas holidays and think about the significant things, such as the moon itself. According to Keller, it’s “worth remembering that the moon is more than a celestial neighbor”. In fact, our planet would not be the same without it.

We would have less tide differences across the shorelines around the world, we would witness more extreme climate differences, and our days would’ve been dramatically shorter. The moon is also causing the Earth to slow down in its rotation. Due to the tidal friction and pull of its gravity, Earth’s rotation slows down 2 seconds per each 100,000 years.

Without the moon, days on our planet would’ve been several hours shorter.

Since the moon stabilizes the Earth, it would also tilt without it. Our planet would tilt all the way down and face the sun on its side. This would’ve caused dramatic changes between extreme temperatures and daylight throughout an entire year.

And, for Christmas this year, we will be able getting a chance to admire the moon’s beauty and think of its importance.

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