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What’s the Correct Ear Cleaning Technique? • Mirror Daily

Do you know the proper ear cleaning technique?

(Mirror Daily, United States) – What’s the first thing we do after we take a shower or a bath? If cleaning the wax out of our ears is the first answer you thought of, then you are correct. For most of us, no ear wax is synonymous to cleanliness. But what about our ear cleaning technique? Bear with us to find out what the doctors have to say about our ear cleaning habits.

Recently, the American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery has updated its ear cleaning guidelines. And you’ve guessed it – the docs aren’t too happy about the ways we choose to keep our ears clean.

Ear wax or cerumen has a very specific role:  it lubricates the ear canal and prevents dust and other particles from reaching sensitive areas. So, before casting an anathema on ear wax, we should think about the fact that our body produces cerumen for a specific purpose, and removing it completely and using an unsafe ear cleaning technique can result in permanent damage.

So what are those unsafe practices banned by the American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery? First of all, avoid using thin and sharp objects to clean the ear canal. This means that you should avoid using things like matches, keys, toothpicks, and paperclips.

The rule of the thumb dictates that if the object is smaller than your elbow, then it doesn’t belong in your ear. Q-tips (those little cotton buds) are out of the question as well. Why are these objects considered unsafe and potentially dangerous ear-cleaning practices?

Sharp objects can perforate your eardrum which, in turn, means permanent hearing loss. On the other hand, Q-tips can shove the extra cerumen far down the ear canal. Cerumen build-ups resulting from improper ear hygiene can lead to hearing issues, dizziness, and even ear infections.

Should you experience any one of the enumerated symptoms, you should immediately head to your doctor to have your ears cleaned. Now, what is the proper ear cleaning technique?

According to the doctors and to the update ear cleaning guidelines, the only safe method to clean the excess cerumen from your ears is by using the end of a wet towel. It’s better to do it after taking a shower.

By using a towel, you will ensure that you will clean out the extra cerumen and that you won’t risk any permanent damage to your ear canal.

Image source: Pixabay

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