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White Wine Might Increase the Risk of Melanoma • Mirror Daily

A research team from a Rhode Island University discovered that white wine can increase the risk of melanoma.

A study performed by a group of researchers from Rhode Island determined that white wine drinkers have an increased chance of developing melanoma compared to patients who consume beer or spirits.

A team from the Warren Alpert Medical School led by Eunyoung Cho, an associated professor of epidemiology and dermatology, has discovered that another factor can now be associated with increased risk of skin cancer.

To this moment, researchers have uncovered that the leading causes of melanoma are prolonged exposure to ultra-violet light, using tanning beds/lamps, and family precedent. However, in light of the new study, it would seem that the risk factor list expanded as to include a new factor – alcohol.

Although the link between cancer and alcohol has already been established, Cho and his team believe that the interaction has to be studied in more detail. Current research has shown that alcohol abuse can lead to different forms of cancer such as liver cancer, neck cancer, head, breast, and esophageal cancer.

The new study reveals that patients who consume white wine on a daily basis have 13 percent more chances of developing melanoma that patients who consume other types of alcoholic beverages such as beer or spirits.

To be able to ascertain the strength of the link between white wine and risk of melanoma, Cho, and his team had to analyze the data of three major melanoma risk studies, spanning over a period of 19 years.

Approximately 210,000 adults were observed during the duration of the study. For the purpose of the study, the participants were asked to complete daily food intake survey which included alcohol consumption. A healthy adult, according to the team, should not consume more than 12.8 grams of alcohol per day.

The study’s preliminary results indicated that adults who consumed the equivalent of 12.8 grams of white alcohol had a 14 percent chance of developing melanoma. In addition, the study also revealed that adults who consumed 20 or more grams of alcohol per day had a 73 percent increased the chance of developing trunk melanoma and a 2 percent chance of developing tumorous outgrowths on they extremities, heads or necks.

Although the results have been consistent throughout the study, Cho declared that all factors must be taken into account and that the avenue requires more research to confirm if indeed white wine consumption can lead to melanoma.

Image source: Wikipedia

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