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WHO No Longer Considers Transgender People Mentally ill

(Mirror Daily, United States) –  Starting this week, the World Health Organization (WHO) will no longer consider transgender people mentally ill.

The international organization has reclassified transgenderism, aka gender dysphoria, as a “sexual health” condition called “gender incongruence.”

This means that gender dysphoria will no longer feature as a mental health illness in the group’s International Classification of Diseases (ICD), a generally accepted guide to diagnosis for medical professionals.

The organization argued that labeling transgender people as mentally ill can cause “enormous stigma” The WHO added that there is “clear” evidence suggesting transgenderism is not a mental illness.

While trans advocates were celebrating the decision, some health professionals and policymakers wondered if transgender people should still have access to taxpayer money for gender reassignment surgeries, counseling, and hormonal therapies.

Departing from reality has consequences even for transgender activists with the initials MD or PhD after their names,

noted the American College of Pediatricians’ head Dr. Michelle Cretella.

Should We No Longer Consider Transgender People Mentally ill?

Dr. Cretella believes that the WHO has indirectly admitted that gender reassignment surgeries and hormonal therapies for transgender people are just cosmetic interventions and should no longer be funded by governments.

The medic added that “normal” is everything that fulfills its function, like being in accordance with physical reality. Thoughts that challenge this reality are not normal. Dr. Cretella explained that gender dysphoria is very similar to body integrity identity disorder and anorexia nervosa.

Also, the idea that transgenderism may be innate has been challenged by research which found no structure in a newborn’s brain that remains unchanged as years go by and which may explain the transgender belief.

Walt Heyer, a former transgender woman, underlined that gender dysphoria is just a moniker for a type of dissociative identity disorder. Heyer is now helping transgender people facing transition regret to de-transition.
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