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Why Hillary Clinton Should Be US’ Next Eleanor Roosevelt • Mirror Daily

The Democratic candidate has adopted a new political strategy which explains why Hillary Clinton should be US’ next Eleanor Roosevelt, according to fundraising event organizers.

As stated previously, Hillary Clinton has honored on Thursday the San Francisco fundraising meeting hosted by hedge fund manager and environmentalist Tom Steyer and entrepreneur Susie Buell. The event was announced by campaign officials at the beginning of the week.

The Democratic candidate has decided to sustain super PACs in an attempt to gather financial resources for its future political campaign.

The strategy is new for the political party as candidates did not rely on this method in the past to support their campaigns. Their political rivals, on the other hand, have aggressively expressed their support for super-PACs, thus managing to gain sums of approximately $300 million.

Unlike Democratic candidate Barrack Obama, who could not resort to super-PACs in 2012 because of the Republicans’ strategy, Hillary Clinton is willing to support fundraising events.

Her decision has determined hosts of fundraising events to compare Hillary to Eleanor Roosevelt.

Tom Steyer, the host of the San Francisco fundraiser, asked Clinton whether people should consider her the Eleanor Roosevelt of her day, or vice versa, if Eleanor Roosevelt was the Hillary Clinton of her day.

The candidate, on the other hand, appeared to be taken by surprise as her reply did not manage to respond to Steyer’s compliment.   According to the attendee of the event, Hillary replied that she never intended to compare herself to the national and feminist icon.

The San Francisco event helped Hillary Clinton gather $3 million for her political campaign. The Democrat will further display her support for the super-PACs by attending a fundraiser in the Silicon Valley.

The feminist activist is expected to meet eBay chief executive John Donahoe and his wife Eileen, who is the director of global affairs at Human Rights Watch.

Although no other names have been yet disclosed, due to the private attire of the event, analysts expect many important Silicon Valley investors to attend the fundraiser.

The political battle for the presidential elections tightens up as the Republican candidate Carly Fiorina also announced her candidacy on Thursday.

The former Hewlett-Packard CEO might pose a serious threat for the Democrat as both have created themselves strong feminist images for the 2016 race.

Feminist electors, particularly, will have problems choosing their candidate, as the majority of them have declared that they would vote for Hillary simply because she is a woman.

They will most certainly find themselves in difficulty now that two powerful women are racing for the White House.

Who knows, we might even have feminists choosing a candidate for her political plans and not for her gender.
Image Source: Hd Nux

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