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Why You Should Watch the Sky this Week • Mirror Daily

Next Friday, on the 4th of March the Big Dipper will be visible on the night sky.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – There are plenty of reasons why you should watch the sky this week, and not all of them are stars and planets related. Besides the fact that the night sky will be putting on a really nice show for us, watching the sky is a very relaxing way of spending a weekend night. So prepare your telescope and a jacket because this week you are in for a treat.

Saturday, the 27th of February

What can be better than a session of planet gazing after a nice, relaxing Saturday dinner? Today at around 9:03 PM (EST) one of Jupiter’s satellites, Europa, will be eclipsed by the giant gaseous planet.

Only after five minutes, Ganymede will appear on the opposite side of Jupiter. The show will be quite entertaining seeing as it will seem that Europa and Ganymede somehow traded places.

A few hours later, beginning from 11:06 PM and ending at 1:21, Io, another one of Jupiter’s satellites will cross directly in front of the planet that it’s orbiting.

At approximately 1:14 Europa will reappear behind the eastern limb of Jupiter.

Sunday, the 28th of February

Around midnight the Moon, which is now in its last quarter, will rise. Mars will follow it closely at about 5 degrees below.

Monday, the 29th of February

Besides the fact that 2016 is a leap year and we will have an extra day in February, the extra winter day will feature a very interesting quadrilateral formed by the Moon with Saturn to the right, Mars to the left and Antares just below it.

Tuesday, the 1st of March

Spring is just around the corner and so is Leo. All you have to do to spot the constellation is to look to the East after the sun sets.

And the constellation will appear just in time to announce the imminent approach of spring. The brightest star in the Leo constellation is Regulus.

The moon, which will still be in the last quarter will rise at 6:11, and it will be accompanied by Saturn.

Wednesday, the 2nd of March

Those of you who live in the mid-northern parts of the planet will have the chance of seeing the zodiacal light. All you have to do is fight a clear and dark site and wait for the twilight to end. Just when the last ray of light disappears you will be able to see a sort of pearly light pyramid.

Thursday, the 3rd of March

On Tuesday, people living in the southern regions (Virginia, Missouri, and central California) will be able to see Canopus, the second brightest star after the popular Sirius.

All you have to do is find a flat, dark surface and search for it 36 degrees south of Sirius.

Friday, the 4th of March

Friday the Big Dipper will be visible in the northeast.

These are the main reasons why you should watch the sky this week. And if the stars and planets did not convince you, maybe the upcoming spring will.

Image source: YouTube

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