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Windows 10 One-Month Statistics: Cortana Has Told Over Half a Million Jokes • Mirror Daily

Seventy-five millions. That’s how many devices are already running Microsoft’s desktop OS released only a month ago, according to a company report released on Wednesday. Additionally, Microsoft has also shared some interesting Windows 10 statistics through its Corporate Vice President of Marketing for Windows and Devices, Yusuf Mehdi.

Turning to one of the preferred social platforms when it comes to breaking news (or statistics, in this case), Mehdi posted on Twitter some fun facts, such as the big spike in usage experienced by Windows Store, the official app store for Windows. Even though it was rolled out with Windows 8, Windows Store has seen six times more app downloads on Windows 10 than on Windows 8.

Also worthy of mentioning is Cortana, the virtual voice assistant that Microsoft released with the desktop OS Windows 10. Unsurprisingly, Microsoft’s rival for Google Now and – more recently – Facebook M, has gained quite heavy traction among Windows 10 users. Most fun fact about this digital assistant is that users love to ask it “Cortana, tell me a joke,” which has resulted in more than half a million jokes in under a month.

In the same short timeframe, 10 million achievements were unlocked in Microsoft Solitaire Collection – Microsoft’s updated version of the good ol’ Solitaire – and in the recently released Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta.

Moreover, Mehdi revealed that its Upgrade Your World program has never seen these many organizations competing to win the global partner spot: over 2,000 rivals. For those unfamiliar, this program sees Microsoft offering cash support to non-profit organizations, in addition to free products and services from Microsoft.
Image Source: Windows 10 Update

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