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Wisconsin Officials Create Special Website for People with Mental Health Issues • Mirror Daily

Several institutions in Wisconsin created a website to help people struggling with mental issues

(Mirror Daily, United States) – To celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month, the Northeast Wisconsin Mental Health connection decided to launch a special website for those struggling with mental issues. The website offers them easy access to any information they seek, as well as whatever services they might need.

A few days after the official launch of, Beth Clay, the executive director of the aforementioned institution, presented the services that the website can provide. The site gathers links from more than 300 services and resources offered to mental health patients in the counties of Winnebago, Outagamie, and Calumet.

The website offers useful information on mental health matters

Besides, it gathers data on substance abuse, health centers which offer screening, and all the necessary contact information. The website also offers the link to an insurance company, where you can find out everything that is covered in their policy.

If you are unsure about your condition, the platform offers a complete library describing all conditions and illnesses which can affect your mental health. Deriving from this library, you can also create your own profile where to store all your mental health records. Don’t worry, this system is properly encrypted, so your medical history stays safe.

Many institutions support this cause

Many agencies and institutions collaborated to designate this platform. Its main inspiration comes from United Ways’ 211 program, but they added 100 more services to the list. Among the collaborators, there are several police agencies in the state, which want to honor Mental Health Awareness Month as they should.

It happens often that they receive emergency calls from people struggling with such issues. Instead of bringing stigma around it, they encourage people to call whenever they need help. To show their support, officers wear green ribbons and raise awareness about this cause. You can also pick up green ribbons from many police offices in Wisconsin.

Through this initiative, the organizations want to show people that having mental health issue is not shameful. Also, they deserve to be helped, so they should always seek expert advice whenever they feel vulnerable.
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