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Woman from Missouri Donates Breast Milk to Mothers in Houston • Mirror Daily

The woman donated all the breast milk her son didn’t eat

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Hurricane Harvey struck the state of Texas, and left many people from Houston stranded or in need of immediate help. At the moment, the authorities are doing all they can to help the victims recover, but they are not alone. Citizens from other states are trying to help as well, and a woman from Missouri even donated her breast milk.

The woman had gathered 1,000 ounces of breast milk

Danielle Palmer knows what a struggle means, so she wanted to do everything she could for Houston women in need. The woman has a baby son, called Truett, who was born with a congenital heart defect. Therefore, during the first month of his life, he was fed through a tube, and didn’t need his mother’s milk.

However, Palmer thought it might come in handy to keep all the milk in the freezer, and use it for a possible emergency. In the end, she managed to raise 1,000 ounces of breast milk. As soon as Hurricane Harvey started waging war over the US, she realized her decision was not in vain.

Feeding a baby during a hurricane aftermath can be tough, so the donation came in really handy

The woman knows how many women want to feed their babies breast milk, but they cannot do this because of various reasons. Therefore, instead of throwing it away, she got to offer these women a chance to give their babies all they needed.

The one who came up with this idea was Truett’s speech therapist, and the woman agreed to it immediately. He was also the one who dealt with flying the breast milk to Houston. This donation was extremely valuable, and brought a lot of help to those women who lost their breast pumps, or can no longer produce milk on their own.

Palmer was not the only one who thought about moms in the aftermath of the hurricane. Several other organizations, such as the Texas Diaper Bank or Guiding Star Missouri, took action and offered a helping hand to these women.
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

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