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Woman from Ohio Calls 911 With Boa Constrictor Around Her Neck • Mirror Daily

A woman called 911 after her pet boa constrictor wrapped around her neck

(Mirror Daily, United States) – On Thursday, a woman from Ohio called 911 after her pet boa constrictor wrapped around her face. The woman had brought the almost six-foot long snake in her home together with several other reptiles a few days earlier. She was planning to raise them as pets, when the boa thought of showing its affection in a strange way.

Scary boa constrictor attack in Ohio, but the victim was saved

A woman from Sheffield Lake, Ohio, called 911 and claimed to be lying on the floor with a boa constrictor stuck to her face. One of her nine snakes escaped, and started crawling around her waist, quickly reaching her face and grasping her nose.

The snake wasn’t venomous, and she could still breathe, as it didn’t start choking her. Fortunately, the paramedics got there just in time to save the woman, but it later turned out she was in far more danger than anyone would believe.

These snakes are extremely dangerous and shouldn’t be kept as pets

A recent study revealed boa constrictors didn’t suffocate their victims. Instead, they coil around the victim’s body and stop their blood flow. This prevents the oxygen from reaching the brain, causing them to lose consciousness and die in no time. The woman actually fell silent near the end of her 911 call, but the emergency services got there just in time.

They found the boa constrictor wrapped around her neck, biting her nose. It was wrapped quite tight, so they couldn’t make it let go of the woman. Therefore, they had to take a knife and cut its head off. This was the most serious snake attack ever recorded in Sheffield Lake, but such events are not uncommon in the area.

Authorities are concerned for the safety of the people, and want to raise awareness on the dangers of owning such deadly animals. They want to convince them to stop bringing the animals in their homes, as they are meant to live in wilderness and cannot be raised as pets.
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

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