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Woman Had a Stroke after Going to a Hair Salon • Mirror Daily

The shampoo chair forces the neck to be hyperextended which could lead to a formation of a clot.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Next time you say beauty doesn’t take a toll remember that a woman had a stroke after going to a hair salon. The 48 years old San Diego resident experienced the stroke almost two weeks after having her hair done. The doctors were the ones who pointed out the reason behind her sudden health decay.

Everything started with a routine salon visit for Elizabeth Smith. The 48-year-old just wanted to relax and get her hair some, but the unsuspecting woman had a stroke after going to a hair salon in 4S Ranch.

Smith claims that she only spent roughly 10 minutes in the special shampoo chair that ultimately caused her the life-altering stroke.

The woman felt fine eight days after paying the salon a visit. Her first symptoms involved weakness on the left side of her body and a number of other strange symptoms that, according to her, disappeared quickly.

Another week past and one day she started to feel her head hot and vomit. The mother of two felt like she couldn’t stand on her own two feet. She was so weak that she could barely move her hands.

But Smith was ultimately lucky. The massive stroke didn’t claim her life, yet. She now has to live with a cloth of blood in her brain that could kill her anytime if it becomes dislodged.

The doctors looked through her medical history in great detail in order to trace the factor that triggered the stroke. It was not until they heard about her salon visit that they put two and two together and realized that the shampoo chair is the culprit.

The “Beauty Parlor Stroke Syndrome” is a real condition caused by the inclination of the shampoo chair. When Smith had her hair washed by the salon’s employees a vertebra sliced an artery. This led to a clot formation. The blood clot later traveled to her brain where it caused her massive stroke.

While it may be that the salon’s employees were not aware of the dangers of the chair, Smith is suing the Blowbunny Salon.

Smith didn’t just experience a life-threatening condition, but now she is stuck with medical bills that amount to $250,000 and a constant fear that any moment could be her last seeing as the clot is still in her brain.

The 48-years-old mother of two is hoping that her case will raise awareness of the dangers of shampoo chairs.

The doctors recommend women that suffer from arthritis to steer clear of the special chairs and wash their hair while facing down.

A woman had a stroke after going to a hair salon, which means that the price of beauty is becoming much too steep.

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