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Woman Used Slice of Pizza to Enter Pub • Mirror Daily

A young woman tried to use a slice of pizza as ID.

Any night out of the town cannot be complete without a funny moment. Well, it would seem that several clients and bouncers from a student pub in Massachusetts witnessed such a moment last week.

According to Rasif Rasiq, the pub’s owner, last week, a woman attempted to enter the establishment by showing a slice of pizza to one of the pub’s bodyguards. Rasiq explained that the bodyguards working for his establishment, called the Monkey Bar, are required to ask the customers for their ID before entering the locale.

Last week, a bodyguard asked a young woman to submit her ID in order to verify her age. As the establishment’s owner recounts, the young woman casually raised a slice of pizza, bought earlier from a Pizza shop located near the Monkey Bar.

It’s all fun and games until someone starts screaming and threatening. According to Rafiq, after the bodyguard denied her entrance, the woman became increasingly aggressive, and end up threatening him.

Her shouts were heard by several police officers who were on patrol. The officers arrived shortly on the scene and tried to reason with the young woman who, according to their statements, continued to scream and threaten the pub’s bodyguard.

It would seem that this isn’t the first time the young woman tried to get into the student pub using such original approaches. Rafiq, the pub’s co-owner, told the press that the woman tried various methods to enter the pub in the past, but failed.

As a result, the bar issued a trespass notice in her name. But that did not deter the woman from trying times and times again to enter the establishments.

According to Rafiq and the other bodyguards, the slice of pizza for ID approach was, by far, the most peculiar method of gaining admission seen so far.

Why a slice a pizza and why that particular establishment? Reporters from local news outlets have tried to contact the young woman, but to no avail.

Right now, everybody’s asking if the young woman will attempt something similar in the future. Needless to say, that after the news was picked up by the press, it gave everyone a good laugh. Massachusetts’s police department did not offer any statements regarding the case.

Image source: Flickr

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