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Woman Wounded in Accidental Gun Discharge • Mirror Daily

A woman was wounded after an accidental gun discharge.

A woman from North Carolina received a life-threatening wound after an accidental gun discharge. The event occurred this weekend, as the woman, her husband, and a friend was returning from the annual Dixie Gun and Knife Classic show, held at the N.C. State Fairgrounds.

According to the woman’s deposition, the party was on their way back home from the gun show. During their tour, the woman in the back seat, later unidentified as being Lasonya Judd, a friend of the family, bought a gun from one of the vendors.

While on their way home, William Glosson, the wounded woman’s husband, asked Judd to compare her recently acquired a gun with his personal firearm. Glosson handed Judd his firearm. After taking the weapon from the man, Judd began to compare the two firearms.

As she was looking at both weapons, the newly bought gun accidently discharge, hitting Glosson’s wife, Alyssa, in the head. Glosson and Judd immediately called an ambulance which took the unfortunate woman to the local hospital.

However, upon reaching the hospital, the doctors declared that even though the wound can potentially be life-threatening, the woman wasn’t in any real danger, as the bullet superficially grazed her head.

After interviewing the witnesses and the woman, the doctors and police authorities have discovered that the bullet went through the seat’s head rest which slowed it down and deviated it from its original trajectory.

According to the authorities, this is the reason why Glosson got out of this event with only a superficial scar. The doctors treated Glosson with dispatch and released her from the hospital next day.

Donnie Harrison, Wake County’s Sheriff, is currently investigating the accidental gun discharge. His investigation confirms that, for some reason, the gun discharged during the trip, and the bullet went through the seat’s head rest.

In addition, as Harrison pointed out, due to the nature of the events, this case is viewed as a simple firearm discharge, and not as an attempted murder.

It would also seem that this is not an isolated incident. According to Wake County’s Sheriff, this is the second event which took place in the last four years. The last event involved similar circumstances – a person bought a gun from one of the vendors. As the client was testing the weapon, it went off without any warning.

No additional details were released for the first case, but the authorities are trying to determine if the two clients bought their weapons from the same vendor.

Image source: Publicdomainpictures

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