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women are allowed to take days off when they are on their period •

A woman’s productivity is low when she is on her period, so it makes sense to take time off.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – The status of women drastically changed in the last half of century. More and more females are employed in different positions, and they juggle a hectic work schedule, with classes, or children and other obligations. But there are times, usually a couple of days a month when they can’t focus on anything else besides the pain generated by the menstrual cycle. With that idea in mind, a UK company allows women to take period vacations.

Fewer and fewer subjects are considered to be taboo in our day and age. Sexual response is debated by scientists, contraception measures are taught in schools and tampons, and pads have TV commercials.

So if everybody knows that women menstruate and that they go through some rough days when that time of the month comes, then why not allow them to take some time off and take care of themselves. A distracted employee is as valuable as one on sick leave.

Keeping that in mind, a UK company allows women to take period vacations. More exactly, the female employees of Coexist, will be able to either work from home or take a few days off when their cycle is more painful.

The director of the company, Bex Bexter, declared that the idea came to her when she saw just how much the women in her staff were struggling when they had their menses.

Of course, her own experience helped a lot when it came to understanding the way in which a woman feels during that atrocious time of the month. Bexter also said that, based on her and her employees’ experience, a woman’s levels of productivity increase after her cycle ends.

This is why Bexter is confident of the fact that her female co-workers will find a way of getting their work done after their short leave.

Furthermore, the director of Coexist stated that the off days will not count as sick leave because a period is not a sickness. She said that the technical details of the project will be further discussed on the 15th of March during a close doors meeting.

Bex Bexter is a very open-minded boss. She also has a male employee on her staff that suffers from constant migraines. According to her, he takes some time off when the headaches happen and then just recovers the work he wasn’t able to perform.

A UK company allows women to take period vacations, and that is a giant step in understanding the differences between female and male employees.

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