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Women Are More Likely to Suffer from Depression • Mirror Daily

A recent survey discovered that women are more likely to be affected by depression

(Mirror Daily, United States) – A recent survey performed by the Mental Health Foundation suggests that women are more likely to suffer from depression and experience panic attacks than men. Around three quarters of the interviewed women reported that they had at least one mental health issue during their lifetime.

Researchers from the Mental Health Foundation explained why this happens. Women appear to struggle more with their family responsibilities and with childcare. At the same time, they have to embrace a cheerful attitude in public, so they constantly have to switch between moods.

Women, more sensitive than men

Society puts a huge pressure on women, who have to take care of children, deal with their responsibilities, and conform to the current beauty standards. This is why sometimes they cannot cope with all these requirements, so they start experiencing panic attacks, anxiety, depression, sleep deprivation, or many other issues.

Jenny Edwards, the CEO of the foundation, explained that women are more sensitive than men from certain points of view. For instance, they tend to worry more about their relationships and the emotional aspects in their lives.

The survey questioned more than 2,000 people from England, Wales, and Scotland. It found out that a third of women suffered at least one panic attack in their lives, compared to 19 percent of men. Also, 45 percent of women and 40 percent of men struggled with depression, and almost half of the women experienced sleep troubles.

Some of them decide to comfort themselves by eating more, which might become a problem if they gain weight and become more depressed. Also, one in seven women reported suffering from post-natal depression, and eight percent experienced PTSD.

Younger people are more likely to struggle with mental health issues, since they suffer a lot more social pressure. Also, older people engage in healthy activities more often, and do more to preserve their mental state.

Unfortunately, most people are likely to struggle with such issues at least once in their lifetime. What they can do is learn what is good for them and not hesitate to ask for help when they feel they can no longer cope with their situation.
Image Source: Pixabay

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