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Working While Using Oculus Rift • Mirror Daily

VR environments will soon take over the market, and gaming will not be the only application.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Next week Guy Godin will launch a VR desktop application alongside the much-awaited Rift. And the new feature will allow people to do a lot more than gaming on their computer. That is why some tech aficionados already tried working while using Oculus Rift.

Jeff Grub over at Venture Beat tried working while using Oculus Rift to see if the desktop feature will be of any use to any VR fans. And it seems that even though the experience was a bit nauseating, at the end he felt like he could pull off an eight-hour work day in the virtual environment.

The Virtual Desktop will be compatible with both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. It may be that the creators of the Rift are trying to get ahead on the virtual reality market. Statics show that by 2020, VR will be a $30 billion industry.

And the Virtual Desktop is not the only non-gaming thing connected to the VR headsets that are currently flooding the market. The popular adult content website, Porn Hub, recently announced that its movies will be available for VR rendering. The site is also offering 10,000 free headsets to its users.

But back to working while using Oculus Rift. According to Grubb, it takes a little to get used to the experience, but at the end, it’s worth it. Especially when your job is to play games and write about it at the end of the day.

It seems that the text can be a little blurry, but the Virtual Desktop comes with a lot of settings options so you can adapt the screen to your preferences.

Furthermore, a great feature is the fact that you can play black videos at 360 degrees. Imagine the details that will no longer be lost with such an experience.

Moreover, the virtual screen is able to support multiple monitors so that you won’t lose the widescreen feel. It also features a theater mode, so users will not have to wait around for Hulu or Netflix to whip up a VR app.

Also, the Virtual Desktop comes with a few voice command options, so you won’t have to spin your head around trying to find the mouse.

Grub describes the entire experience as “having a 60-inch screen 2 feet from your face”. That sounds like a dizzying work day, but the eyes adjust to the environment pretty quick.

Working while using Oculus Rift sounds like a unique experience. VR enthusiasts worldwide will be able to check out the Virtual Desktop and the new Rift starting the 28th of this month.

Until then, you can check out the video embedded below for more details on how working while using Oculus Rift really feels.

Image source: Wikimedia

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