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Scorpio, Subzero and other classic Mortal Kombat characters are now overrated.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Great news for console users that are fans of arcade games. You can test the new DLC for Mortal Kombat free of charge over the course of the next few days. So prepare your rusty fingers because the DLC is bringing Leatherface and Xenomorph into the action, and their skills are as terrible as their reputation.

Mortal Kombat X has stirred some waves in the gaming community ever since it was released back in 2015. After a while, the players started to get tired of the classic game characters, so the developers decided to spice the action up with famous cameos.

That’s when the first Mortal Kombat X downloadable content pack was first released. With Jason Voorhees in the fight, matches became increasingly more enjoyable.

The sight of the star from famous horror movie “Friday the 13th” refreshed the relatively bored players and NetherRealm got themselves some new extra fans.

And since the first DLC was a little steep seeing as it provided gamers with just a single extra character, the studio gave the players the opportunity of testing Jason’s excellent battle techniques for free over the course on an entire weekend.

It seems that their strategy paid off since NetherRealm is now applying the same sales method to the second Kombat Pack. You can test the new DLC for Mortal Kombat free of charge. Of course, the offer will expire in a few days so you will have to hurry.

The new downloadable content that the studio is offering to the Mortal Kombat fans features a pretty nice roster. Players will be able to choose between the Xenomorph creature from Alien, Leatherface, the main character in the horror flick “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, Bo’RaiCho, and Triborg, the cyborg ninja.

Each of the characters has their own signature Brutality and Fatality movements. As you can see in the video embedded below, Leatherface deserves to be explored as a Mortal Kombat character. Judging from the video, he’s not only fatal because of his chainsaw, but also, because he carries around a hammer so he could sometimes smash an opponent’s head instead of just cutting it out.

But the real Easter egg is the interaction between Jason Voorhees and Xenomorph. It seems that whoever chooses Jason in a fight against the Alien creature will undoubtedly loose.

Unfortunately, you can test the new DLC for Mortal Kombat free of charge only if you are a console owner. PC gamers were excluded from this new feature.

Image Source: YouTube

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