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You Can Delete Games From Your Steam Library Now

A few easy steps and you can delete the game forever

(Mirror Daily, United States) – If you feel like it’s getting pretty crowded in there, you can delete games from your Steam Library now through a series of simple steps. It seems the gaming service is adding an option that would clear out that list for the upcoming Winter Sale. As long as you’re willing to spend, it’s very easy to find yourself with one too many titles in your Steam Library.

For those who want some of their games gone forever, they have two options. They can visit the Steam Support website, log into their accounts, choose ‘Games, Software, etc.’, search for the game they want to delete, and then opt for the ‘I want to permanently remove this game from my account’. It’s pretty self-explanatory, and then it’s gone.

The second option is accessed through the Steam client app on your PC. You will need to head over to your Library, click on ‘Details’ on the game you wish deleted, ‘Links’, then ‘Support’. After that, the same notification aforementioned needs to be clicked, and the game will be removed from your Steam account forever. It should be noted that there’s also an option of hiding those games from sight should you wish it.

Steam has offered their users the option to permanently remove a game, though it doesn’t sound like you should. Anyone with an account would know that if a game is not installed, it’s virtually just standing there. It won’t take up space, update, or encumber you in any way. However, perhaps many have gathered a long list that they want trimmed down.

One possible situation would be for those who purchase bundles. There might be up to a dozen games added to your library, among which the user could be interested in just a few. It could be a viable option to remove them permanently. But you definitely should make sure you have no interest in purchasing it ever again. It would be a shame, as it seems you will need to pay even if you once owned it.

Steam also advises that you uninstall a game before you permanently delete it. If you don’t,  you will be required to venture into its folder on your PC and manually remove it yourself. Otherwise, there are just a few simple steps and you’ll be rid of that game forever. It might clear out some space on that long list.

The option has been made available two weeks before the Winter Sale. It will take place from December 22nd to January 1st, so users should keep an eye out for potential bargains.

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