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You Can Now Play “Red Dead Redemption” on Your Xbox One

“Read Dead Redemption” is a open world action adventure with RPG elements.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – It seems like Microsoft is really working on its backwards compatibility. They did announce that they will make games available as they are finished, so now, even though it doesn’t appear on your feed just yet, you can now play “Red Dead Redemption” on your Xbox One.

The thing is the game cannot be found in the search, but a NeoGAF user pointed out on the NeoGAF site’s forum, you can search for the Gamertag “rockohhoward”, follow their profile, view it and search for the game’s download link.

If you do that, and if you already purchased the Xbox 360 edition of the “Red Dead Redemption” game then you will be all set to start shooting some cowboys. But if you don’t own an online copy of the game, you can go to the store on and buy it for only $30.

Apparently physical copies are not yet supported by the Xbox One backwards compatibility. Since this is not actually an official release of the game on the Xbox One platform, there is no way of telling how much longer it will take for them to upgrade the backwards compatibility so it can allow physical copies of the game, thus not making gamers buy it twice.

There are other games that were originally released for Xbox 360 that are now compatible with the Xbox One. Among them, there is the second part of Left for Dead, the second part of Tekken Tag and Symphony of the Night from Castlevania.

Microsoft deliberately decided not to make such a big fuss when launching a game that was modified through backwards compatibility. According to the declarations that the company made last month, they will release each game as soon as it passes the quality control of the publisher and engineering team.

This was decided so that people wouldn’t wait for fixed release dates, but rather be able to play the game as soon as possible. It’s also a good way of removing the due date pressure that always allowed a bug or two to slip into the final version of the game.

“Red Dead Redemption” is the third most wanted game on the Xbox One gaming platform. The only two that are more requested by the fans are Skyrim, the fifth instalment of the Elder Scrolls game and the second part of Black Ops from the Call of Duty franchise.

The backwards compatibility feature modified more than 130 games for Xbox One. A full list can be checked out here.

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