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You Can Now Sign Up for the Latest Mirror’s Edge Beta

Faith is a parkour master and rebel in a dystopic society.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – According to Electronic Arts, you can now sign up for the latest Mirror’s Edge beta trials. All you need is an account on EA Origin, a gaming platform (Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC) and a steady internet connection.

The beta launching for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will begin shortly as the official launching of the game is programmed for the 24th of May in North America and in Europe on the 26th. All players with an account on EA Origin are eligible. But the Windows PC gamers will have to install Origin client on their devices in order to be able to download the game and participate in the trial.

Catalyst is a mechanical reinterpretation and a reboot of Mirror’s Edge and it keeps the features that fans loved in the first installment such as the parkour moves, the lively pace, the difficult jumps and the character perspective that could make an untrained eye a bit queasy.

EA DICE revealed that Catalyst will also feature hackable billboards that can be defaced by the players over the course of the campaign. Also, DICE offered some hints about the multiplayer mechanics being asynchronous, meaning that you can take turns to participate in a PVP match.

The asynchronous multiplayer feature is highly debated in the specialized forums because, for one it is a very interesting feature that allows a certain fluidity in the game, but on the other it takes a lot of synchronization from the player’s part. It shall be an interesting feature to follow in the latest Mirror’s Edge installment.

Also, the game will feature in-game leaderboards that allow the players to check their friends’ scores in specific challenges. This only makes Catalyst be more competitive.

Mirror’s Edge came out for PCs and consoles in 2008 and it registered huge success among fans of open-world games. It follows the story of Faith, a “runner” in a dystopian society which has the mission of delivering important news to different anti-governmental factions before she is caught by government agents.

Faith, the protagonist, is a parkour master. Mirror’s Edge brought to the players the possibility of running on rooftops, sliding, wall-running, and sliding under different barriers and shimmying across narrow ledges. The game brought a whole new perspective for players as the body of the main character (torso, legs, and arms) is the thing that they most frequently see when performing the acrobatics.

You can now sign up for the latest Mirror’s Edge beta if you have an account on EA Origin and a steady internet connection. But judging from the teaser trailer, Catalyst will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time you will be playing it.

Check out the trailer in the video below.

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