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You Can Retrieve Deleted Messages in WhatsApp with This Trick • Mirror Daily

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Earlier this month, WhatsApp launched a feature that enables users to delete a message and prevent all recipients from seeing it. Tech experts, however, claim that recipients can still access the deleted messages from the notification log on Android devices.

In other words, messages don’t vanish from the phone and can be easily accessed.

Even if the sender deleted the messages via ‘Delete for Everyone,’ recipients can read the content of those messages from any Android device’s notification register. Recipients can access that record to see the deleted messages.

However, accessing that log will require a third-party app dubbed Notification History. You can download that from Google Play.

With help from the app, users can access the notification register on an Android system. For users accustomed to the Nova Launcher or other similar apps, the process is even easier.

You can access the notification record without help from third-party apps. You’ll just have to go to Widgets>Activities and under the Setting tab, look for the Notification log. If you have a Settings widget you can directly access the log.

Deleted WhatsApp Messages Can Be Retrieved

However, even though the method works via Activities and Notification History just as smooth, there are some limitations. Only messages that have been previewed or interacted with can be accessed via this method. And they need to generate a notification first.

Interaction involves dismissing the initial notification in the floating message of the notification bar. What’s more, the message can be retrieved from the notification log until the next restart of the handset. If the phone was restarted, the deleted messages are lost for good.

Furthermore, the retrieved message is only visible within a 100-character range, and the device needs to run on Android 7.0 or newer for the trick to work. Other types of media beside media cannot be retrieved, experts noted.

Image Source: Maxpixel

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