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You Continue to Die in Dark Souls III • Mirror Daily

Dark Souls is not a game for the faint of heart.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – There is no surprise that you continue to die in Dark Souls III. From Software managed to create yet another masochistic video game that tortures the heart and mind of players. But when you finish it, after hours of torment, you are happier than Bloodborne or any of the Elder Scrolls games ever made you.

In the first two games, the main character was still clinging on to his humanity, the last shred of decency in it. This made him vulnerable, but it also gave him strength, the power to carry on and face the nightmarish monsters in the Dark Souls’ world.

Dark Souls I and II was focused on the struggle to save humanity from impending doom. The primary quest was preserving what made you human while battling unspeakable monsters and creatures of the dark in order to save the world as it is.

This time, things have changed. Players are no longer controlling a fragile Undead, but an Unkindled. The Ashen One sounds as terrifying as the bosses from the previous installments. But fret not, you continue to die in Dark Souls III as often as you did in I and II.

Now, the main character must search for other five Lords of Cinder that are going to help him re-enact the very first flames kindling. But Abys Watchers, Younger Prince Lothric, Ludleth of Courland, Devourer of Gods Aldrich, and Yhorm the Giant are hard to find and even harder to kill.

While Ludleth is crippled and aware of the consequences of the flame going out, the other four are ferocious and worthy to be called bosses. Some may hit the Ashen One hard from the beginning, others may want to make him sweat a little, and then there are those who will change their battle tactics in the middle of a fight. So it’s safe to say that you continue to die in Dark Souls III as often and as unexpected as in the previous installments.

The only difference is that From Software outdid itself while building Lothric. While traveling to find the other Lords of Cinder that are crucial in the rekindling of the vital flames, the Ashen One must traverse the city of Lothric.

There are also a couple of Easter eggs in the video game for the people that played the other two parts. Remember at the end when you had to ring the Bell of Awakening? Well, that awoke the Lords of Cinder, so the destruction in the third installment is pretty much your fault.

Apart from the fact that you continue to die in Dark Souls III as often as unexpectedly and violently as before, the game performs magnificently.

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