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You Never Knew Your Insurance Covered These Things • Mirror Daily

The majority of insurance companies are obligated to cover treatments for smoking cessation.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Dental care is the most sought out insurance option. And US citizens tend to think that an average insurance covers basic survival needs while the fanciest ones include dental. But people tend to ignore other benefits like chiropractic services, massage therapy, acupuncture, and hair prosthetics and even gender reassignment surgery. You never knew your insurance covered these things.

The costs of medical care and services in the United States are through the roof. But Americans tend to complain about the medical system and the insurance policies before even studying them more carefully.

For example, there are a lot of future mothers in the US that don’t know that they could get their child screened for autism at the tests are covered by their insurances.

Not to mention that the same mothers-to-be benefit from prenatal supplements with folic acid and, later on, breastfeeding supplements, all in the cost of their insurance.

Here is a comprehensive list of things you never thought were covered by a basic insurance.

Back in 2008, Pete Domenici and Paul Wellstone proposed the “Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act” that required a more broad insurance coverage. More precisely, the two wanted to include psychiatric therapy in the basic necessity list comprised out of surgical and medical services.

The law was adopted and it is compatible with the majority of Medicaid programs, CHIP, health exchanges and health programs that are employee-sponsored.

The CDC proclaimed that one in sixty-eight children suffer from autism. Most insurances cover screenings at eighteen and twenty-four months.

And since December 2015, Columbia District and other 43 states require their health insurance providers to cover autism services altogether.

There are approximately thirty insurance providers that offer coverage for health care related to transgender issues.

Furthermore, Columbia District and an additional nine states have introduced transgender discrimination banning laws. Also, according to a letter sent by the White House, insurers are not allowed, legally, to refuse patients because of transgender, lesbian, bisexual or gay sexual inclinations.

The “Affordable Care Act”, or the ACA, requires the great majority of health insurers to provide women with breastfeeding supplies. This includes counseling for both pregnant and nursing women alongside breastfeeding equipment like a breast pump.

Also, the Department of Human Services and Health states that supplements with folic acid must be made available for any woman that is or may prove to be pregnant.

ACA requires that insurance companies offer coverage for programs for smoking cessation. Check out the website of the Lung Association in America for more details.

The treatments for smoking cessation are covered by most insurers because they fall into the “mental health” category.

It’s only natural that insurance companies would provide obesity treatments and diet counseling. Apart from the fact that they are obligated by the State Legislatures National Conference, they would want their clients to stay fit and out of harm’s way.

It’s cheaper to cover diet counseling than a cardiovascular surgical intervention, or the monthly cost of insulin.

Prosthesis are covered by the most health insurance providers. Since wigs have been voted to be hair prosthesis and a major necessity for cancer patients, or people who had neurosurgery, their cost is now covered by insurers.

There are a couple of health insurance companies that cover alternative treatments. There aren’t many, but if you’re a natural medicine kind of person, you should seek them out when deciding on an insurance provider.

Here, the weighing factor is the state you live in. For example, you can benefit from 20 covered visits to the chiropractor each year in Pennsylvania while in Alabama you must stick to a $600 total.

All of the details are listed on the website of the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services.

Due to the ACA, there has been a boost in the health insurance market. This led the companies to turn to new, creative ways of attracting customers. One way is by offering free or discounted memberships at health clubs.

You never knew your insurance covered these things. All you have to do is study the offer more attentively and select the insurance provider that best fits your needs.

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