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Your Christmas Tree Could Be Recycled

Your Christmas tree can be brought back with a good use

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Once the holidays are over, your Christmas tree could be recycled for the purpose of enhancing fish habitat in vital lakes. There is no need to throw away your tree before it starts dropping tiny sharp leaves all over your floor. They’re a pain to clear, and literally a pain if you step on them.

However, there is a better solution than just tossing the dying Christmas tree away. In fact, several states are putting their environmental hats on to put them to better use. The population is asked to donate their Christmas trees once the holidays are over, so they may be stripped and placed into local lakes. This will be of great help to the fish population.

Given the current state, with global warming which leads to warming waters and endangers the fish population, anyone could lend a helping hand. Once you are done with your tree, you can remove all the decorations and donate it to the assigned institution in your particular state. Big or small, any tree size is acceptable, provided it’s a real tree.

Once they are dropped into the lakes or bodies of water, they will become excellent help to the fish population. They will provide escape spaces or breeding grounds that would aid in boosting their numbers. The brush reefs will provide nesting locations for game fish, or home for smaller species that, in turn, feed the bigger fish.

It’s an annual project that the general population is invited to join in on. The location also depends on which state you are in. For example, in West Virginia, the trees will be accepted on January 2nd, 2016, at the Capitol Market in Charleston between 10 A.M. and 12 P.M. local time. The donated trees will be used to help the fish habitat in Stonecoat Lake, Burnsville Lake, Big Ditch Lake, and Tygart Lake.

To further entice participation, all who donate a tree will be eligible to win several prices. This ranges from all-expenses paid ski trips, three-day stays at beautiful locations for the winter, or gift certificates. Other states will be participating as well, including Illinois and Kentucky, and many others. Each will have its own ‘drop off’ location, and specific lake they wish to aid.

It’s a good cause and a better way to remove the dying Christmas tree from your home. Otherwise, it may just end up as waste or burned without any true purpose. This, however, could help the fish habitat of lakes around your state. Perhaps you might feel the consequences once you go fishing again in the summer.

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